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Since 1957 we are developing and building machines for processing EPS. We manufacture all processing machines, such as automatic shape mouldig machines, moulds, pre-expanders, blockmoulds, cutting units, etc.


We not only manufacture individual machines, but also complete turn-key production plants, including the pre-expansion plant, steam boilers, compressors, cooling towers, silo plants, and the complete installation.


During the ongoing development, besides from the common packagings also high quality technical EPS parts were required. Special vertically operating automatic machines were developed to produce these parts economically and without any damage during demoulding.


The experience has proven that this development is the most suitable for the production of building elements. It is, however, just as well suitable for other mouldings.


The advantage of the vertical operation is that the finished mouldings are put carefully on an extraction table, belonging to the moulding machine, and then being conveyed out of the operation area of the machine. The mouldings are always in the same position, therefore a further handling, like stacking, is made easily.


Due to the extraction table the mouldings do not fall downwards out of the machine. Also no complicated and delicate robotic system is required.


The mould change is easy and quick to achieve. The moulds are brought in and out of the machine by means of a lift truck (Auxiliary), like on a table. They do not need to be brought in from the top by a hoist, which is common use for other machines.


The automatic moulding machines are available in various sizes with various moulding areas. One standard size has proven to be the most suitable for Thermomur. Due to its compact design it is excellent for being built-in into a mobile containerized plant, which is not possible with horizontal package moulding machines.


These machines are state-of-the-art with free programmable Siemens electronics, vacuum cooling, pressure filling, and mould quick-change system. 


With the MBS machines you acquire 60 years of experience in EPS processing.

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