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We are Manufacturer of the Productionplants and Owner of the Buildingsystem "thermomur". Of our Buildingsystem we have different patents and the following important german standards: DIN 4115, DIN 4109, DIN 4102, DIN 18164, EN ISO 9002

In our Factory in Germany we manufacture the Production machines, the Production moulds and also the complete Production plant, which we dispelled world-wide.

This monolithic structural system is a particularly effective and most economic solution, ideally suited to respond to energy conservation prerequisites and rapid construction demands.

In Germany and other countries they was build different Hospitals, Schools, etc and also Singel family Homes with thermomur made by Prof. Dr. Ing. Dr. h.c. Dipl.-Sanit.-Ing. G. Nedeljkov from the Technical University of Berlin.

Also you can build easy with thermomur safe by Earthquake (Richter scale 9).

thermomur elements for wall, ceiling and roof constructions are made and installed without problem. Just pour in liquid concrete - the stable construction elements is ready.

A solid building system using from casing elements in EPS hard foam type thermomur. Fast and easy to construction, the hard foam casing point serves as flexibly adaptable building element.

For the construction walls they are simply clipped an top each other, or installed as prefabricated, ceiling-high element. EPS hard foam leaves no toxic residue and is ideal as support for all conventional interior and exterior plastering materials.

This construction system is tested and already utilized in Germany and many other countries. It is a convincing and highly rational system for diverse types of building structures.

All units are extraordinarily flexible as far as their scope of application is concerned and allow for a linear measure tolerance as slight as 5 cm, thus facilitating the implementation of any kind of building project. The integration of the physical and bearing characteristics of the units and materials to be processed, allows for the easy implementation of unconventional building structures and offers a very high degree of rationalisation as far as handling of structural units and execution of work are concerned.



  • prefabrication of thermomur can be done in the factory or direct on the building-site;
  • ecologically beneficial in the production and processing;
  • easy processing on the building-site without heavy machines;
  • free design of the buildings for the architect;
  • bigger net living space opposite to the comparable wall;
  • monolithic structural building system;
  • earthquake-proof building;
  • save the resources as a result of the high isolation;
  • up to 70% energy saving while heating or cooling;
  • skilled or unskilled laborer can assemble the buildings, (cutting costs);
  • accidents are lower for workers due to the light weight of the material;
  • subsequential work is faster, such as installing doors, windows, electrical ducting, and water piping;
  • plasterfixation adheres to thermomur through our patented design;
  • 4 times more walls can be built versus conventional wall building;
  • bigger savings with specific logistic.

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