————————————————— |  Building System  thermomur | —————————————————



thermomur system is a:

  • energy conserving,
  • highly rationalised and
  • cost-effective

fireproof monolithic structural system which employs thermomur-shuttering units made of rigid foam.

This monolithic structural system is a particularly effective and most economic solution, ideally suited to respond to energy conservation prerequisites and rapid construction demands.

The most outstanding features of this fireproof structural system are the following:

  • thermomur-shuttering units which can be either individually placed on top of each other


  • can be erected as prefabricated storey-high walling units with finished surfacing, in any conventional type of plastering, e.g. plastic finish or any kind of mineral plaster. The units can be filled with any desirable filling compound, combined in a manner which is pursuant to the particular conditions of statics, and serve as perfect load carrying core.


The monolithic fireproof bearing core is made of:

  • B25 concrete, up to 16,0 mm grain size, K2 plastic consistency.


The single-span beam flooring is made of:

  • Reinforced steel girders-steel type IV Bst 500/550 with very slight inherent load, 7 to 8 m span, and up to 12 m secondary reinforcement.


  • Steel plate girders with very slight inherent load, up to 12 m span, and up to 18 m secondary reinforcement.

       as well as

  • a special thermomur filler block made of EPS rigid foam, with 3,3 KN rupture load.


  • 6,5 cm flow concrete B25, grain size up to 8,0 mm K3 (at least 50 cm slump).


The load carrying capacity of such a construction amounts to approximately 5,5 KN per sq.meter. Corrosion protection in compliance with DIN 4115.

If a floating screed flooring is used, this type of floor construction can attain fire-resistance category F 90.

The footstep sound insulation of this type of floor construction with floating screed flooring, complies with the regulations specified in DIN 4109.


Sloped roof constructions

  • Available as wooden structures, specifically designed to satisfy particular statics demands, and as special thermomur form units made of hardly inflammable rigid foam, to serve as roof insulating slabs.
  • With structural steel girders Bst 500/550, specifically designed to satisfy particular statics demands, rustproof and integrated into the special thermomur form units, made of EPS rigid foam or Styro concrete with different types of roof cladding, e.g.
    • gravel-surfaced roof cladding with roll roofing
    • roof shape stone cladding
    • roof shingles
    • all types of metal roof cladding

Flat roof are available with the same bearing structure as the flat roof form and with a flat room system which best suited to the relevant climatic conditions and best serves the purpose intended for the building, e.g.

  • promenade roofing
  • terraces etc.


thermomur shuttering units are available as hollow-blocks: 25 cm width, 25 cm height and 120 cm length. The programm also includes the following:

  • L-shaped corner units - 90 degrees
  • T-shaped wall junction units - 90 degrees
  • Two-way units - 90 degrees
  • Lintel units
  • Cantilevering units/Console units
  • Supporting units
  • Floor supporting units and blocks for arched or designed walls.

The construction of 1 square meter wall, type 25, requires 134-150 litres concrete B25. the expansion of a wall constructed in the afore mentioned manner, and exposed to Central European temperature fluctuations is approximately 0,2 mm/m.

The diffusion resistance of thermomur shuttering units is identical with the diffusion resistence of concrete; consequently the filled wall dries out just as quickly as any solid concrete wall.

The condensate precipitation of a type 25 Styro-Styro-wall, plastered on both sides, in the winter season is 89 g/sq. m, which takes place in the sommer season is 299 g/sq. m.

The phase displacement of a type 25 Styro-Styro-wall is 7,5 hours.

The fire resistance category of a type 25 thermomur-wall, as specified by DIN 4102, is as follows:

  • (a) enclosure of space F 90
  • (b) structural stability F 120


The static calculation for the concrete core is accomplished in compliance with the standards applicable to precast concrete constructions and reinforced concrete constructions. thermomur-shuttering units require no special authorisation, since the rigid foam units are included in the group of standardised building materials.

thermomur-shuttering units can be directly refined with the most different types of facade linings such as facing clay bricks, as well as with any desirable facing shell or building material.

All units are extraordinarily flexible as far as their scope of application is concerned and allow for a linear measure tolerance as slight as 5 cm, thus facilitating the implementation of any kind of building project.

The integration of the physical and bearing characteristics of the units and materials to be processed, allows for the easy implementation of unconventional building structures and offers a very high degree of rationalisation as far as.

  • handling of structural units and
  • execution of work

are concerned.

To a great extent, it also possible to execute the work without the intervertion of experts or specialised personnel. In view of the rationalised structural system, adequately trained workers are perfectly capable of performing the construction in question with extreme accuracy.

The implement and equipment park (cranes, transporters etc.) can be kept to a minimum. The building units are light in weight, easy to transport and easy to store. 

The special building methods made possible by thermomur-shuttering allow for extremely rapid construction of building units.

The excellent workability of all shuttering units, allows for design and construction of the most different building structures with a minimum of effort. The same applies to electrical and sanitary installations, both can be accomplished with the most elementary set of tools.



  • Single-family home units and multifamily housing
  • Multi-storey buildings with a maximum of 10 storeys
  • Commercial buildings
  • School buildings
  • Laboratories
  • Industrial buildings
  • Hospital buildings
  • Farm and agricultural buildings
  • Hotels constructions etc.


Application technology advantages of the thermomur buildingsystem


————————————————— |  Wall elements  | —————————————————

  • optimal utilization of the feed surfaces in the case of truck feed by the external dimensions co-ordinated with it;
  • Flexible screen line dimension of 5cm in the length and width. Height measurement can be non-standard adapted;
  • by the simultaneous manufacturing of the corner elements with the normal wall elements you don¥t close at the building site the open elements at the corners or door/window terminations;
  • Adjustment of the reinforcing irons for the concrete are patented. The reinforcing iron is not encased by the special shaping completely with concrete and it to form any bubbles which the corrosion to promote itself;
  • From the constructional shaping on the insides of the elements a positive network of the concrete with the elements results;
  • Patented plaster mounting plate at the exterior surfaces of the items. By the special recesses the plaster can connect itself with the elements and become the different expansion coefficients of the different materials (Thermomur and Plaster) balanced on the one hand. The plaster can¥t damaged and you don¥t use net and glue for the plaster. Directly mineral or plastic finishes can be applied;
  • In the case of inappropriate processing tolerances up to 5mm can become balanced around warming or avoid cooling bridges.


————————————————— |  Ceiling elements  | —————————————————

  • light filling materials with enormously high carrying capacity;
  • by the design of the ceiling elements no warming or cooling bridges results;
  • gsmooth lower surface of the finished cover. You can begin directly with the subsequent treatment, likewise the concrete can¥t ooze;
  • no supports to 6 mtr. Span forces. Thus the interior work can take place immediately in the spaces which are under it. No waiting periods to the concrete dried and the supports far away are which usually four weeks last can;


————————————————— |  Roof elements  | —————————————————

  • no special sub-constructions need and directly on the roof rafters are applied;
  • absolutely even and smooth lower surface of the finished roof;
  • The design on the top side serves to accomodate roofing tiles or solar elements;
  • Special conduit-type sewers lead penetrating water, if for example the roofing tiles are damaged, downward into the gutter. None penetrate from water into the building inside;


————————————————— |  Generally  | —————————————————

  • prefabrication of thermomur can be done in the factory or direct on the building-site;
  • ecologically beneficial in the production and processing;
  • easy processing on the building-site without heavy machines;
  • free design of the buildings for the architect;
  • bigger net living space opposite to the comparable wall;
  • monolithic structural buildingsystem;
  • earthquake-proof building;
  • save the resources as a result of the high isolation;
  • up to 70% energy saving while heating or cooling;
  • skilled or unskilled laborer can assemble the buildings, (cutting costs);
  • accidents are lower for workers due to the light weight of the material;
  • subsequential work is faster, such as installing doors, windows, electrical ducting, and water piping;
  • plasterfixation adheres to thermomur through our patented design;
  • 4 times more walls can be built versus conventional wall building;
  • bigger savings with specific logistic.

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